Hello! 👋🏼

Ever since I started working in the design & tech industry I have been interested in developing projects and services with the best holistic experience.

As we found our software startup "avanera" I'm applying my skills in very different fields. My main focus: Providing our employees, customers and stakeholders the best experiences in processes, everyday work and of course our product – always with a curiosity for cutting edge technology!

Startup avanera 🦄 🌱


Justus, Jakob and I share the vision of combining sustainability and business for a better future.

To empower companies in their transition to sustainable business practices, we're on our way to found a software startup called ‘avanera’.

Our mission is clear: we want to provide easy access to data driven sustainability with ease of use.

avanera - Software für Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement


🎓 Campus Münchberg / Hochschule Hof


After my bachelor degree I got the chance to teach motivated classes and give workshops on Digital Design at **Campus Münchberg.**



During my studies I focused on physical and explorative prototyping as well as data-driven infographics.

Data Garden


The project was a combination of Exhibition Design and Interaction Design. I developed a wooden display, unique interaction methods, and custom sensor housings for visualizing plant related data.


Wifi-Data Heatmap


The Installation was a part of the 25th Anniversary Exhibition of Hochschule Hof. It shows the people-flow through the building based on their devices logged in from one to another local wifi-hotspot.



I did an internship (late 2019) and my bachelor's degree (early 2021) at Mercedes-Benz Advanced Experience Design.

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